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Innovation Meets Treatment

Knee pain. Hip pain. Shoulder pain. Back pain.

You want to stop suffering from these chronic conditions and we can help. At The Institute of Regenerative Medicine, we offer cutting-edge, minimally invasive and proprietary cell-based treatments that have been shown to help patients in reducing or eliminating chronic pain all over the body.

Three Huge Benefits:

  1. Cell-based orthopedic treatments can be less invasive and safer alternatives to surgery, including joint-replacement.
  2. Cell-based therapy can offer a viable alternative to surgery for individuals suffering from joint pain.
  3. With cell-based therapy, patients could avoid the lengthy periods of downtime and painful rehabilitation that typically follow invasive surgeries.

How it Works in Four Steps:

  1. As part of a cell-based treatment, regenerative cells can be collected from bone marrow, fat tissue, and blood with minimal discomfort.
  2. These cells can then be processed in a state of the art laboratory utilizing the latest technology.
  3. Finally, the regenerative cells, in combination with natural growth and healing factors, can be injected where they are needed – such as an inflamed hip or knee joint.
  4. Over time, the cells can potentially repair and regenerate the damaged tissues, resulting in relief of pain and improvement in mobility and function.

How Can Your Cells Help?

Regenerative Cells are unique cells in our body, which have the ability to become many different types of cells. These cells can be removed from the bone marrow and fat tissues and then delivered to injured or degenerated areas, such as hip or knee joints suffering from arthritis.

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