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Treatment for

Rotator Cuff Partial Tears

Traditional treatments for a torn rotator cuff involves medication for inflammation, cortisone injections, and months of physical therapy. In many cases, shoulder surgery would be needed if these methods failed to improve the patient’s condition At the Institute of Regenerative Medicine, we developed an alternative to rotator cuff surgery using regenerative cells and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons have taken cell-based and PRP treatments to a new level by combining traditional orthopedic medicine with advances in regenerative medicine. Their unique approach has successfully repaired many torn rotator cuffs over the years, and have saved the careers of professional athletes.

Our Patient Stories

Bartolo Colon - MLB Pitcher

Bartolo Colon, nicknamed Big Sexy, is the oldest active player in Major League Baseball at age 43 and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. However, back in 2010, it was unclear if Colon would be able to continue his pitching career after missing the entire season due to an ailing elbow and right rotator cuff. That is when Colon reached out to Dr. Joseph Purita for regenerative cell treatment for his torn rotator cuff.

After the regenerative cell therapy, Colon had a major combat the following year, winning 55 games. In 2016, Colon also made history when he hit his first career home run for a two-run shot to extend the Mets’ lead over the Padres, 4-0.

C. J. Nitkowski - MLB Pitcher

A first-round draft choice of the Cincinnati Reds in 1994, Nitkowski debuted for the Reds in 1995 and played in the major leagues for the Reds, Mets, Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros, Texas Rangers, Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees and Washington Nationals. In 2012, Nitkowski suffered a shoulder injury during training. Instead of giving up baseball for good, he consulted with Dr. Joseph Purtia and received a combination of regenerative cell treatment and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections to heal his shoulder and save his pitching career.

How Does Regenerative Cell Treatment Work?

Repair cells used in the treatment of rotator cuff tears can be extracted from the patient’s bone marrow. Using a special machine, we isolate the repair cells and platelets from bone marrow and blood. After extraction, our team will process the harvested regenerative cells to maximize their healing potential using a proprietary method. When finished, the concentrated regenerative cells are injected directly into the injured areas of the rotator cuff, where they aid the body’s natural healing process in repairing the tear.

How Long is the Regenerative Cell Treatment Process?

Regenerative cell treatment for a torn rotator cuff is an outpatient procedure that takes a few hours to complete. Following the initial cell and PRP injection, some patients require further injections to act as “fertilizer” for the repair cells. In this case, approximately a month later, the patient is given an injection of platelet rich plasma, followed a few weeks later by another plasma injection. Platelet rich plasma is drawn from the patient’s own body. This plasma gives a new boost to the repair cells that have already been administered.

Is It Safe?

Regenerative cell treatment is a safe alternative to rotator cuff surgery since we only use the regenerative cells and plasma from the patient’s own blood and fat tissues rather than using third party sources. This makes the risk of harm to the patient’s health virtually non-existent since we are only injecting what naturally exists in the patient’s body.

Am I Eligible for Regenerative Cell Treatment?

Please note that while the above conditions represent most of those that can be treated using either PRP injections or PRP injection in conjunction with cell injections, the specific method of treatment will be based on a patient’s age and health at the time of treatment, the severity of your condition and other factors.

Contact us today and our orthopedic specialist will examine your medical files to determine your eligiabiity for regenerative cell treatment for Torn Rotator Cuff.

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