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Quadriceps Strain or Tear

Straining the front muscles of the thigh is a result of a tear in the fibers within the group of quadriceps. Due to the varying degrees of quadriceps strain, three grades have been used to determine the severity of injury.

  • Grade one thigh strain can result in a slight discomfort in walking, as well as tightness of the thigh and difficulty in straightening the knee. It is the least severe out of the three and can usually be cured in less than a month with an adequate amount of rest.
  • Grade two thigh strain involves the partial tearing of fibers and can result in sharp pains during activity of the muscles, which makes the bending of the knee impossible.
  • Grade three thigh strain is the most severe out of the three and involves the rupturing of muscle fibers. Those that are suffering are advised to seek immediate medical attention, as the injuries could become worse without adequate treatment. In this case, recovery can extend beyond three months if surgery is used.

New Treatment Options for Quadriceps Strain

For those that are suffering from quadriceps strain and would like a non-invasive route to recovery, the medical professionals at The Institute of Regenerative Medicine offer the latest in orthopedic care with their use of cell-based therapy. Unlike traditional means to quadriceps strain recovery, cell therapy uses the cells and platelets that are separated from bone marrow that’s extracted from the patient to be injected in to the area of injury. In addition to the platelets directing the cells to repair the damaged muscle fibers, the regenerative cells also help to stimulate the damaged cells to restore themselves. This form of orthopedic care can see results in under three months and is a sufficient means of repair.

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