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Interspinous Ligament Damage

Damage to interspinous ligaments, most commonly caused by whiplash, negatively impacts the stability of the spine as well as the body’s ability to move properly. The recovery period for a neck sprain injury can last from several weeks to several months. The length of recovery time is due to restricted blood supply to the damaged area.

Neck and Back Sprain Treatment

Once diagnosed with an inerspinous ligament sprain, treatment is traditionally focused on reducing inflammation and promoting healing of tears. This usually involves the injection of various medications directly into the affected area.

The Institute of Regenerative Medicine has developed a variety of molecular and regenerative approaches for treating ligament injuries such as neck sprains by using cell-based and platelet rich plasma (PRP) that promote faster healing, reduce pain dramatically, and greatly reduce inflammation and swelling. Using repair cells or PRP sourced from the patient’s own body provides essential nutrition to the injured ligament, including growth factors and proteins that encourage faster regeneration and repair of the tissue itself. These treatments are particularly effective for ligament injuries involving reduced blood supply, as is the case with neck sprains, back sprains, and other types of joint damage.

How Cell-Based Treatment Works

Cell-based treatments can require the sourcing of repair cells from bone marrow of the patient’s pelvis. This type of treatment is generally only used in the most severe of interspinous ligament injuries. Milder injuries can be treated effectively with platelet rich plasma (PRP) that is collected from blood drawn from the patient and processed in much the same way as the bone marrow. Both treatments have proven highly effective in shortening healing time and reducing pain associated with these injuries. Most patients will need only one treatment to experience noticeable results.

Please note that while the above conditions represent most of those that we treat using either PRP injections or PRP injection in conjunction with cell injections, the specific method of treatment will be based on a patient’s age and health at the time of treatment, the severity of a patient’s condition and other factors. Learn if you are eligible for cell-based treatment.

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