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This is an especially fascinating study as far as aging is concerned. I left the article link at the end of my write up. What this study looked at was the ability of long-lived people to repair DNA damage. In this particular case they looked at inherited and naturally occurring genetic changes in older people. They found in the long-lived population two particular genes COA1 and STK17A. These are rather esoteric names but the importance is there! COA1 is involved with energy production and communication between the mitochondria and the cell nucleus. COA1 performed three functions that are part of the blue prints for anti-aging platforms. They directed cell response to DNA damage, they prompted badly damaged cells to die off, and controlled the amounts of Reactive Oxygen Species. I suspect these genes are stimulating the P-53 gene. P -53 is called the tumor suppressor gene. Taking things one step further, remember that NAD+ is a substrate for DNA repair proteins such as PARP1, PARP2 and PARP3 as well as enzymes that can influence DNA repair capacity such as SIRT1 and SIRT6. The PARP enzymes typically get shut off when the body does not have enough NAD+ to go around. Looks like there may be some overlap here. Activate the DNA repair genes and you may live longer. At least you are giving yourself better odds. This is why I feel it is of paramount importance to take NAD supplements both orally and intravenously. Also remember, there is much science out there that shows Ozone therapy can increase the NAD levels in the body in addition to dramatically decreasing damage from Reactive Oxygen Species. The moral of the story here is: MAKE SURE YOU TAKE YOUR NAD TO STAY YOUNG.

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