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Treatment for

Chronic Achilles Tendinosis

Unfortunately, only about 80 percent of patients who undergo extensive surgical treatments for chronic Achilles tendon pain will actually experience a full recovery. This also requires lengthy rehabilitation. At the National Institute of Regenerative Medicine, we offer Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Cell-based treatments for acute and chronic Achilles Tendon injuries. PRP treatments are most useful for less serious conditions, while Regenerative Cells come into play when a condition is chronic and more serious.

Regenerative Cell Treatment For Achilles Tendon

The regenerative cell treatment process involves extracting regenerative cells from the patient’s body and then injecting the cells directly into the affected area of the Achilles Tendon. The cells can transform into the type of cell necessary for healing. The addition of platelet rich plasma (PRP) can increase the effectiveness of the cell repair work by amplifying the activity of the regenerative cells.

Is Regenerative Cell Treatment For Achilles Tendon Safe

Regenerative cell treatment is a safe alternative to joint surgery since the procedure will only use the regenerative cells and platelets from the patient’s own blood. This means that anybody, regardless of their age, could undergo regenerative cell treatment.

Am I’m Eligible For Regenerative Cell Treatment

To determine if regenerative cell treatment is right for you, our orthopedic and regenerative medicine specialists will have to review your medical file. They will take into account the severity of your condition, your health, and other factors to determine the best treatment for your injury.

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